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To Make Things Easier (for me...)

OK, I guess at this point the best pllan of action is for you to e-mail me at enay@arcadianet.org or enay@mac.com and let me know your address. Right now I'm going to go ahead and say taintedsquirrel and in_lego_land have dibs on those next two journals and we'll see where it goes from there. From there on out we'll just kinda have signs ups...so heres the plan:

You get your journal
You then post here saying you got it and ask who wants it after you.
First person to comment gets it.
You guys figure out about mailing addresses via e-mail.
When "You" are done with the journal "you" mail it to them.
Process repeats.

Mailing Costs
Sorry, we at the AJP cannot afford on our summulative college student sallary of -$64,500 a year to pay postage costs for you guys, but look at it this way, you pay like $2 or $3 bucks once maybe more if its overseas. If it is overseas see if you can work something out...but please, if you dont want to pay any shipping costs just don't sign up for a journal in the first place. Thanks!

Go ahead and e-mail me your addresses if you are signed up for one of the first five (and you haven't given me your address yet) and I'll be getting some of them out this week and the rest when I get more shipping money.

Soon-to-be status of journals:
Journal 10 - snowbuny101
Journal 11 - Jen
Journal 12 - seromi_21 (when I get your address)
Journal 13 - taintedsquirrel
Journal 14 - in_lego_land

Thanks guys, any questions, feel free to ask 'em here.

-Your Frienda at the AJP
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