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So you want to send a message to the world? Do it here.

What the Hell is WriteTheWorld you ask?

First, we wrote messages on Napkins in the Dining Hall to spread humor, and secrets, and funness around our school...but now...

It's a project that is starting because my friend and I were talking about what we'd want to say if we could tell the whole world something. Would we finally get something off of our chest? Would we try to inspire? Would we want ot be remembered? What would we say? Then this magical thing called the internet came along and we could say it...in a pretty formulaic way. So we thought...how long would it take to write letters to like...everyone in the world, ok the country...maybe the state...ok just the city. still a long time. Why not just let people write letters they wanted ot send to the world, and other people would read them and it would spread and everyone would know. It's a random idea, but if you want ot participate just mail us a letter!

For more information just go to the website at http://www.radiojunkie.net/writetheworld.html

[sorry if this is off topic, i thought it applied, feel free to delete it or whatever, i mean no offense]
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