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The Arcadia Journal Project

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Arcadia Journal Project
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This is a project

Similar to the 1000 journal project (http://www.1000journals.com). There are other LiveJournals set up dedicated to this idea but not quite in the same way as this one. We hope to build up to 1000 journals (or even more) and have them started by someone and handed out completely by chance.

Due to the fact that people will most certainly want to get invovled beyond being the starter of a journal, every tenth journal can be "signed up for" much the same way as passitforward. Right now journals 1 - 7 have been started and 8 - 10 are on the way. Number 10 will be a sign up journal, postage payed by the sender unless some other agreement is worked out.

The journals are specially made for this project to please do not start one (with our name on it) without express consent of the owners of this project. They will mail you a new journal. You can choose to design and decorate the cover yourself or they will do it (as attractive as basic black is, we like our journals to have some flare).

We hope thise community will serve as a place to talk about the journals, journal sitings, and to connect every tenth journals (though right now there is only number 10 that is on a sign up basis). Hopefully all journals will make their way home. Pleace contact us to learn how to return them(once they are filled). The main reason for this is so that they can be shared with everone who contributed to them as well as anyone who stumbles across the site. Thanks for your participation.